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Expectant fathers

Expectant fathers experience pregnancy very differently than their partners. 

The first few months can seem particularly surreal because they can’t feel the baby move yet and the due date is still a while away. 

Fortunately, men don’t have to share their partner’s hormonal fluctuations and pregnancy complaints. During pregnancy, many women become more emotional and more irritable. Try not to take it personally. Instead, offer support and try to be as understanding as possible. Offer to help when you can. Take over physically demanding chores or offer to set up the nursery. Look for a pregnancy course and prepare for labour and delivery by writing a birth plan together. 

Pregnancy course for fathers

Aanpakken voor Aanstaande Vaders® is a pregnancy course for expectant fathers. This course provides practical tips and information about the most life-changing experience you can go through: the birth of your child. The course focuses on the role of the expectant father with the aim of supporting him as a coach and a partner to the expectant mother. 

Aanpakken voor Aanstaande Vaders® is offered by David Borman, a midwife, researcher, and trainer who conceived and developed the course and wrote the book of the same name. He shares practical tips and information for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.