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When to call

When to call

Some symptoms are perfectly normal during pregnancy, while others can’t wait until the next day or your next appointment. In this case, call the practice on 077-323 08 64. We are available 24 hours a day. In most cases, a phone call is enough to reassure you that everything is fine. 

If you are pregnant, call us if:

  • you have contractions, your water breaks, or you start bleeding before 37 weeks 
  • you have right red vaginal blood loss that looks like a period
  • you feel your baby moving less
  • you feel worried or concerned
  • you have symptoms of high blood pressure (after 20 weeks): headache, seeing stars, pain in the upper abdomen, sudden nausea or vomiting, sudden and extreme water retention 

If you are in labour, call us if:

  • you have painful contractions every 3 to 5 minutes that last for at least 60 seconds 
  • you are leaking fluid
  • amniotic fluid should be clear. If it is brown or green, your baby may have had a bowel movement 
  • if your water breaks and your baby has not yet descended into the pelvis.  

If your water breaks at night and the head has descended, the amniotic fluid is clear, and you don’t have contractions, you can wait until morning to call.  

  • Bright red blood loss
  • A little blood loss is normal during birth and it could even be the mucous plug. 


After you give birth, call us if: 

  • you haven’t urinated within 6 hours of giving birth
  • you are losing more than a maternity pad’s worth of blood 


If you are worried about anything, always call us!