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Preparations for birth

Astrea is committed to providing professional and personal support and guidance. We want to make sure your birth is safe, beautiful, and memorable. To do this, it’s important that you and your partner have some basic knowledge about the childbirth process. This can help dispel any fears or insecurities, help you trust your body, and embrace labour with confidence. 

More information for a proper preparation

  • Preparation

    We will help you to ensure that you are well prepared.

  • Supplies

    You can order free maternity supplies from Medipoint, which are covered under your basic health insurance package.  

  • Information evenings

    We organize regular information evenings about labour and birth. Ask about the dates during your next appointment or register for a session now. These information evenings are free for our clients.  

  • Birth plan

    You can describe your specific wishes for labour and delivery in a birth plan. This is a great way to prepare for birth. While you can never predict how a birth will go, a birth plan helps us and other healthcare providers understand what is important to you.  

Dispelling fears

If you and your partner have written a birth plan, we would love to discuss it with you so we can tailor our care to your needs and wishes. We also use your birth plan to provide you with specific information about childbirth and, if necessary, to adjust your expectations and paint a more realistic picture of what childbirth is like. This can dispel any fears and prevent disappointment. 


If a medical situation arises, we may have to deviate from your birth plan for the health of the mother and the baby. We will always do this in consultation with you, if possible!  

Birthing positions

There are many birthing positions you can try. As long as you and the baby are doing well, you can try any position that feels comfortable to you. Usually you won’t know what works best for you until you’re in labour. Most women give birth in bed. Other options include standing, squatting, resting on your hands and knees, or giving birth on a birthing stool or in the bath.